What differences in ROSA P digital repository records will we see after the 2021 upgrade?


Improvements and Changes to ROSA P Item Records

  • All record page have larger type sizes, making it easier for users to read Titles and other metadata.
  • All record pages have larger “Download” and “Export Citations” buttons.
  • You May Also Like content has moved from a named tab, to the bottom of the page. Just scroll down for similar content.
  • The You May Also Like algorithm has been tuned and refined to show content more closely related to the item in front of the user.
  • The Help Page has come out of the “About ROSA P” dropdown menu, and is now accessible directly on the main menu bar.
  • The Global Search box allows users to search from any page in the new version.

Here are some examples of the Record Details page for the Transportation Statistics Annual Report 2020 https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/53936:

A record landing page in the old version, vs the new version: